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"Princess Aiko"

Heya! Next Friday going to touchdown in Malaysia. Can't wait!

Received an email from Phang yesterday. The title was "Princess Aiko of Japan".
I really like to read Phang's forwarded emails because they are always very delightful/fei/pat!

And so i was reading the content of this mail which "supposedly" contain pictures of the first child of Their Imperial Highnesses Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako. Then half way I thought, "Wait a minute, Princess Aiko is look like this meh?" So as usual, i went to seek my great sifu - Google and "he" kinda shown me some of the Princess Aiko's photos that "he" owns. AHA, i guess Phang's email was fake.

Nevertheless, the girl in the pictures was so CUTE that i selected 3 photos to be shown here. I really like children..especially cute ones! Hahaha..
Here you go..

"Mama, see see, I am doggie.."

"Erm, I'll have what mama is looks yummy!"

"Mama, you sure this is cola? Coz I'm feeling dizzy.."



Yeah,... im 100% sure She wasn't Princess Aiko,...
I dont know about this cute lil girl, all i know She lives in Paris :)

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