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Hey there, it's the weekend again! I'm just back from an adventure i must say. Cycling in the snow for 30km! Maybe more about that in coming posts.

Today we are going to talk about living standard in this place that i have already stayed for 3 weeks now. 2 more weeks and i'll be back to MY. This place is a little town in Finland called Vaasa. Let's see photos!

A super small hotel room, one nite = 90EUR

A complete apartment(2 rooms, kitchen, sauna) rental, one day = 50+EUR

A Pepsi = 1.5 to 2EUR
Note: All shops and restaurants sell soft drinks in bottle forms only! No cans.

Lipton Tea(50 pkt) = 3+EUR
Note: I consider this super cheap.

Laundry powder = 3+EUR

Microwavable frozen pizza = 3+EUR

A huge nice pizza from a pizza house = 6EUR
Note: This is like the cheapest food here. The next is McD.

A complete meal from HesBurger(local version of McD) = 7+EUR

Fly lice and olen jus in a chinese restaurant = 10EUR
Note: Chinese food expensive!

Nice western meal complete with a beer = 20EUR

A cider = 5EUR
Note: Cider is now my favourite beer!

Bicycle rental for a day = 5EUR

Going to a ice hockey game(standing, no seat) = 14EUR
Note: It was a bit more expensive because it was the final.

Going to the toilet in McD = 1EUR!
Note: I completely cannot understand why there is a need to pay to pee. Not only here but everywhere else.

Do you know living standard in other places? Leave a comment.

On another note, let's see a photo of me n Elaine =P

She's still so cute and my eyes semakin sepet. -_-


Clubbing is like 6EUR for entry and 2EUR to hang your coat. Alcohol not included.


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