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Reporting from Vietnam

Hey guys, i'm currently in Quang Ngai, Vietnam for a job assignment. Will be here till the 9th of Oct. Haih.

Very the sien here. Lucky still got ADSL and satellite TV.

Been travelling a whole damn lot lately. Till i quite scared thinking about it. But the nice part about this travelling was: Meeting my coursemates! Syiok, it's so nice seeing everybody after so long.

First stop: Malacca
Met HockPoh and Clarence here. Kelian, only they both there. Haha. They both are the same! HP still so fei and all. It was really nice listening to HP's germany trip and CC's taiwan trip. Din manage to see HP gf. Rupanya not working there, that's y la. And really thanks come fetch me and spend me dinner ler. Remember you both promised come klang for bahkuteh. Dun ffk me.

Next: Penang
Had a job in Sg Petani and thought of: Since such a long journey to the north, sure must go visit the Penangites! Met YenPin, YeeVoon, SzeLek, and Annie there. All of them are the same as well. SzeLek nice lor, go Amadika for few months. YP and YV still loving couple as always, sure kahwin soon. Annie oredi kahwin. Haha..just jk. Everyone is real fine here. Lek-go going to be promoted to Assistant GM soon, in-charge to company expansion and internal system coordination.
Oh yeah, must mention this: I stayed in B-Suite hotel. Superb room for RM125 per nite.

Next: Singapore
Went for a training there. Managed to catch up with MeiYi, HooiEan, and HooiMin. They all really nice ler. Bring me dinner and jalan-jalan after that. Listen to their working life interesting betul. Beza between malaysians and singaporeans, haha. Esp MY's stories. Thanks bring me go minum in Clark Quay ha. Lowkei, Hooters nice hor? Haha.
Learned one word there: Chiong (as in rush to the scene that "rush"). Din know can like this use: Yesterday I went to "chiong" with my colleagues = Yesterday, I went clubbing with my colleagues. Haha.

Next: KL
Well, KL is not actually a trip per se. But anyway, the central region gang comprising of myself, Elaine, YewFatt, KamTat, Lowkei and gf, went out to have a farewell with IanCing who will be relocating back to her lau jia for her new job in Malacca. She'll be HP's colleague then. Happy bor, HP? Lowkei planned go itu Souled-Out in hartamas wan mana tahu that nite they having private function and it's closed. CCB betul. End up went somewhere near there for japanese food and some minum. Hope IC will suit well to her new job. All the best!

Now: Vietnam
Haih, no coursemates here of course. Just hoping that time passes quickly. Can't wait to be back.
The ppl here are frenly though. And the traffic here is crazy. I was in a car that day and the journey was really like in the movies, with a bus coming straight at you and you narrowly escaped that type. Oh yeah, honking is their favourite hobby. =P

Next: Finland
I really hope everything would turn out well. That i get back from Vietnam on time, one week to prepare, and off i go on my first Europe trip! Really looking forward to that. Having a meeting/training there. Made the flight schedule ngam ngam so i could stop by Amsterdam for two nites. Haha. Pray pray that everything will go smoothly. Paling penting is i leave Vietnam according to schedule. Dowan to be delayed here.

That pretty much sum up about how am i doing lately.
Till we meet again. Ardios and take care!


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