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I'm still in Vietnam..damn. The ppl are really frenly and nice here..but the work. Really not easy.

So i was having dinner in the hotel and this waitress say that I'm hansem (~blush~). Maybe she was being polite. =P
Well, of coz i din write this post just to tell u that la..

At the working place, we need to sit a car to get to certain places that we can't go by foot. So there're these jeep drivers(guys) incharged of driving everyone around the work place.

I was being fetched by one today. Just me and him. We had a little chat(via simple Engrand). He's like 26 and he's amazed that a guy as young as I am(ahem, just 24 you know) is working here.
During the course of the journey he suddenly popped up this:

"Lovely..your face."


but maybe he mean i hansem hor? hehe. wtf man.


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