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1. Reader must know how to operate Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader software
2. Reader must have a credit card (which is activated for internet) for purchase
3. Reader must know how to convert website to English (for Japanese illiterate readers)

1. Go to this website to convert your name into Japanese hiragana characters. Fake name is OK. Just need to be in hiragana. See my name “Chua Yi Quan” when converted to hiragana looks like below:

2. Go to this website to start your purchasing.

3. Choose the corresponding Electone model for the registration that you wish to purchase:

4. You may want to click the Translate button now as it may get a little confusing:

5. There are many ways to search for the registration you need. Try exploring yourself. There is even a list of latest books published by Yamaha, etc.

6. For me, I already know the song title I am looking for so I will search directly:

7. The search result:
You can see that item #1 is only 216yen but item #2 is 324yen. This is due to item #2 has a sample performance.

8. For this time I will buy with the sample performance as I do not have the score and will view the score directly on the Electone screen (for DDK model and above).

9. I do not wish to purchase anything else so I will directly check-out my basket:

10. Registration requires a reference address in Japan. Since I do not have that, I will just purchase without registering:

11. Here is the tricky part. Remember your hiragana name from Step #1? Now it is the time to use it. Also, you may need to fake the Japanese phone number. Please see my sample below:

12. OK, after this, you will need to fill in your credit card details. I believe you know what to do. After you check through everything is correct, press the button to purchase!

13. Congratulations! Your purchase was successful. Press the link to download the registration file.

14. Click the file and it will be automatically opened by Musicsoft:

15. Transfer to your thumb drive and enjoy!

p/s: After this purchase I realized it is not possible to view the score from the Electone. Yamaha is damn smart! Luckily I still can play by ear. =)


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