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Ong Ching Yee 王菁忆

Wah, super attracted to this 8tv mandarin news newscaster --- SUPER CUTIE!

If managed to get home before 8pm sure hope she'll be the newscaster for the nite..hehe.

Some facts about her:
Ong holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering) degree from University Technology of Malaysia. “During my industrial training, I realised an engineer’s life was not what I wanted so, I gave newscasting a try. Ong, who hails from Butterworth and has two younger sisters, likes to read, dance and swim, but says she rarely has time for that now.


Wah..super cute for a newscaster..syiok!


Hi quan!

now only you knew about her? she was previously from TV1 / TV2 news. i guess she got promoted quite fast.

she is one year our senior. she is a great dancer also. You should ask Low Kei more about her. Low kei noticed here way back during our 2nd year. i think he knows her bf too. we met her last year in our friend weddings. me, low kei + yee chong were amazed by her appearances.

i hope we can see again soon!

firemice said...
4:13 PM  

ya she is jit sin gal.... great dancer ya...also quite sporty last time ..

yin said...
8:10 PM  

wish can snap a photo with

E-quan said...
8:22 AM need photoshop in can already :p

lowkei said...
2:15 PM  

walau, wan meh? photoshop.
i really wan see real person leh..
next time got wedding again call me..ahhaha

E-quan said...
6:16 AM  

she reli jit sin high school de?....

Keat said...
8:36 PM  

YQ.....why so desperate edi? :p

HaDEs said...
11:33 AM  


出会い said...
11:25 AM  

I translate the above using google translate:

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E-quan said...
10:21 PM  

Just found out this is the most popular post! Google "Ong Ching Yee" and this will come out as one of the tops.

Not surprising as she is so damn cute and hot! Just read that she's going to tie the knot with her pilot boyfriend soon..haih.

Wish can 合照 with her one day..hehe~~

E-quan said...
7:20 PM  

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