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Every 25th of the month I receive my pay cheque. It is the same for this month Oct 2011. As I check my account balance and also took some cash from the ATM, I suddenly had this urge to post this. I have been wanting to post it for some time now. Seems now is the time.

After working for four years plus already, I begin to realize that I actually have the ability to earn a living and survive in this society, on my own. I really feel fortunate to have a complete physique and able to execute daily routines. And with the knowledge that I have gathered over the years(and the years to come), I would not need to beg to fill my stomach.

Of all these, none of it is of my credit! I owe all of them to three persons/angels whom appeared in my life:

Dearest Dad,
Thanks for your hard work in bringing back the bread for the family. You are truly an aspiring zero-to-hero role model to me. I have never respected a man more than yourself. I managed to live a moderately-good life since I was born till now thanks to you. What I asked(logical and reasons ones of course), you provided. No questions asked. Only God knows how much you have endured during your working career.

Dearest Mom,
It is always heart-warming to listen to all my baby stories from you. I have received the greatest care a son could have received from a mother. Whole-hearted devotion to the family you gave and still giving. Thanks for always paying attention to my studies and whacked me whenever the occasion arises. I have never appreciated the punishments until now. Truly, this IS the correct way to bring up a child like me.

Dearest Elaine,
Definitely fate brought us together. You have been the greatest companion during university study times. Sometimes, I am quite sure I could not have graduated with a decent merit without you. And then you decided to move to KL and begin your career here(although you received a good offer from Penang) so that you could be with me. Whenever I think of this sacrifice, I would just weep. It is close to 9 years now that we have been together. You can never imagine how much I appreciate this relationship.

To these guardians of my life: It has been my greatest pleasure having to have known you. In the next life, if possible, I will wish to be reborn to the same Dad and Mom and to know Elaine later in my life.

One could never ask for more.


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