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Hey there. Today wan yek you all hou ye.
The guys at very semangat wan. During PC Fair hor, they go there scout for lenglui promoters and ask their forum members to vote for most leng wan. This time oso same. If you all wan vote, please go to

The inaugural/previous winner was from the Sony booth:
Ms Sammi

As you can see, is quite got standard wan.
For my dear readers(that's you!), i wan jimat you all time so i oredi screen this time's participants for your easy voting.
Below are the three which i think got potential win wan(But looks like Toshiba 3 will win d).
You all try vote for your favourite here also. See in the end you all guess correct ma.
All in all, thanks to for the below photos which i stole. Pinjam use a while k.
Happy voting!

1. Sonic Gear

2. Toshiba 1

2. Toshiba 3

p/s: I can't decide between Sonic Gear and Toshiba 3. But Sonic Gear is pretty CUTE! =P


yiquan, u ni semakin miang la. from the porn tv to lowyat girls. no offence. dun angry.

anyway, my vote goes to toshiba 1. she looks like some korea model. very sweet. but since you like cute girls, the other two will be your choices la. Sonic Gear is cuter.

merry xmas!

sueihuey said...
4:51 PM  

walau, like this oso called miang meh? noler..this is not. hehe.

i like cute girls is so obvious meh? hehe. yea yea, first i oso think toshiba 1 wan. then i relook again..aha!

but tak syiok la, nobody vote wan. semakin less ppl read my blog d. but nvm la.

E-quan said...
9:58 PM  

I am still your blog reader la. They read but never leave comment only ma. Ya, very obvious u like cute girls. Elaine is one of it. haha..

merry christmas and happy new year!

p/s: new year's eve got any program or going anywhere countdown? let me know ya. i'll definitely join if i can. =)

sueihuey said...
11:02 AM  

haha, such a loyal reader. good good.
aiyar, my SonicGear losing to Toshiba1 leh. Sibeh keng her.

Merry X'mas to you too!

i think the next event would be yf's house warming ler. yf will let u all know about details later. hope could meet many of u at this event oh.

take care.

E-quan said...
6:20 PM  

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