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My Mon Kaputed on Me

Wow, I hate Fridays man. It has been hell of a week in the office and everything must come crashing down on Friday, ccb. Yor, really very busy lately..sien sien.

Sorry for not updating in a very long time. Because = no time! Anyway, later tonite I'll go Genting watch Alan Tam's concert. Syiok! A small escape before I face a whole new problematic week ahead, haha.

Recently my loyal 5-year-plus-maybe-6-year old 15" Samsung 153v LCD Monitor kaputed on me man. Damn sad. I playing Facebook a while then the mon went blank(dark). After that, got burnt smell coming out. Walau, damn scared.

So, dengan sangat semangat I went to pry open the mon to see what burnt-ler. Well, if you like to see, I've included some photos:

Look Ma, I dismantled your 42" Super-Clear-Japan-Made NEW LCD TV!!!
- Imagine your kid telling you that. Dunno want happy or sad.

The right side is the power supply card. Left side should be the image processing card(I think).

The brain behind the Liquid Crystal.

So tmd, this paria capacitor is burnt!

Actually I really don't know how to measure and see if other components are spoilt as well. Just saw this got burnt marks so I removed it from the power supply module.

Seperti seorang engineer yang half-tank-of-water/innocent, I went to purchase the same capacitor and replaced it on the board. On the power..still FAIL.

In the end, I couldn't tahan d ler and decided to buy a new one. Before this I was thinking of sending it to fix. But dunno-lar, always feel will kena tiok by doing this and at the same time scared if fixed d dunno when will fail again cause old already-ma.


Now come the SYIOK part. Want buy what size LCD mon leh? I was deciding really hard between a 19" and a 22". After some internal zheng-za(wakaka), I bought this:

22" AOC 2216Vw - RM758

It's really nice big the screen but yor, really sad cause burnt RM758 - which is a lot of money to me. Really hope no other things will spoil anytime soon.


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