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What an experience!

I went to work at 8am on Friday and left the office at 7:30am on Saturday. WTF!
This is my first time working 24hrs straight. This is crazy man.

The products were supposed to be packed and shipped out on Sat but they weren't even ready on Fri. It's always like this: When bad things don't come, they don't. When they do, they come all at once.
-Wrong design
-Faulty parts
-Incomplete wiring
-Wrong wiring
-and other fucks

Product oh product. Please don't explode on site. I dowan to go to site to fix you. Haha.

But it was a good experience. Really. To see this small bunch of grass roots of the organization working their asses off makes me feel touched and emotional. These are the guys who make the organization work! How I wish there were some bosses around who would buy us dinner/supper and motivate us on. But there were none, zero, nil, zilch. You know la, Friday ma, work late, siao meh.

- - - - - - -

On a lighter note, really looking forward to the month of August. Got perhentian trip with Elaine early of the month and Alan Tam's Genting concert end of the month. SYIOK!


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