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Movie Mania

Woh, syiok betul. Keep watch movie nia. Last Sunday watch early bird Batman(rm7). Wed watch super wednesday Hellboy(rm8). And just this morning watch early bird again Red Cliff(rm7).

From paling suka to tak suka i'll rate as follow
- Batman
- Red Cliff (<- Tak sangka!)
- Hellboy

Scenes from Batman that was memorable(in my humble opinion):

Edison's appearance of say..3 seconds!
Edison: I'm afraid I'll have to check you cell, Sir.
Wakakakakaa!!! Tamade, this is how you treat my idol, Hollywood?!?
Eh, so how did Joker got his scars har? The Dad story or the Wife story. Damn paria him..keep tipu ppl.

Scenes from Red Cliff that was memorable(in my humble opinion):
Tony Leung's Assistant: Eh, Takeshi, why you leave so fast? Noneed discuss the war strategy meh?
Takeshi: From Tony's gu zheng's music I know that this is a war he WILL FIGHT!
CCB, like this oso can.

Scenes from Hell Boy that was memorable(in my humble opinion):
Some drunkard: You're HellBoy rite?
HellBoy: Yeah! (enthusiastic coz somebody recognizes him)
The same drunkard: You're UGLY man!
HellBoy: CCB.
Another nice part was:
(I can't smile without playing in the background)
HellBoy: Hoi, what are you listening?!?
(music straight change to some classical pieces)
Abe Sapien: It's VIVALDI's blah blah.. betul. Hahaha.

K la, just some sharing. Looking to MUMMY next!


my fren says red cliff nicer than batman and mummy wor..i dunno la so far i watched Dark Knight nia

H.C. Tan said...
9:33 PM  

wah, got anot?
yeah, refcliff actually not bad. quite kek coz it's "to be continued" wan. haha.

batman syiok oso. tension throughout the show.

E-quan said...
12:18 AM  

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