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I heart Volleyball!

Just came back from one day trip down to Melaka. Tiring betul. Woke up at 4:30am for the trip. Now I can go inside the Petronas Refinery in Sg. Udang d. Not that it means anything to you. Haha. Nevermind.

I had the most wonderfullest volleyball practice yesterday. There's this friendly-sportsmanship-mengeratkanhubungan match between my company and the singapore branch coming soon in august and i'm trying out to represent my company. HUIYOH...cheh.

So there's like this practice every week but yesterday's was special betul. Cukup in-form(in my humble opinion lah). Could do some paria spikes(haha), and paling best was set one cekap one for my teammate. And he spiked wonderfully! Din know assist is so fun! Wah made, i so syiok sendiri now. Wakakakakaa. Beh tahan.

More good news, i've been shortlisted! Actually there are not many to choose from oso la(paiseh to say but like nobody interested in volleyball nia). But happy oso la. Can play happy d.

Show u all one volleyball youtube i found. Dasyat betul. U see the fellar jump how high. CRAZEEE!!!

This is like totally irrelevant but wan share with u all one thai song.

Damn like korean song rite? I love it!


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