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Local TV Celebs

Edison, you are my idol.

Hey all, how's CNY so far? For me abit the sien. Dunno la.
2ml going down Muar d. Stay one nite.

This post is abit wuliao AND i'm so gonna be killed by elaine for this. But nvm la. Too sien d dunno wan do wat.

So hor, i dunno u all got watch local television stations wan ma. For me i watch b'coz i dun have Astro(another sien thing). Then hor, i noticed alot lengluis on tv lately so wan kai siao u all ren shi. So u all go watch ma. Support BOLEH-land ma.

First hor, it's HISHIKO cute!! (photo taken from her friendster)

I oso dunno who she is wan. Then one day i ter-watch a mei shi jie mu called Yummy Trail on ntv7. Then ter-siot diu..haha. Keep on think, "Since when got this girl wan? Never c b4 wan. Tak mungkin ma." So after some googling found out she's from Star Idol wan. A show i never watch. Haha. But she's really really cute in the show ler. Can catch her in Yummy Trail la ha..ntv7 oh.

Then hor, we have Belinda ler

Pretty pretty!! (photo taken from her blog)

Belinda oso is suddenly muncul wan. You all got watch 8tv Quickie ma? She hosts alternately with some other hosts. Pretty ler. Nowdays can see her on alot of magazine covers. She oso got dai yan for one beauty product. Got ad on tv wan. Wondering if that's her real voice speaking chinese..hehe.

Okla, just like that nia. wuliao rite? Nvm year ma. Actually wan add some more girls wan (my favourite Revlon beauties on Deal or No Deal) but couldn't find pictures of them. So nvm ler. No pictures no syiok.

Happy CNY everyone!


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