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It's 9:17pm now..

and i'm still in the office. Waiting for Elaine to finish her work.

Sememangnya teman lelaki yang cukup setia dan cekap. =P

The problem with engineers are, we don't get to go home punctually consistently. Damn. All those time spent w/o OT is really menyedihkan.

Dad just called: "Why so late wan? Not hungry ar?"

Gawdamned. No solid food for 8 hours+!!! Engineers ME HAI YAN meh?!? Tapi apa boleh buat. Tak kerja takde duit. Takde duit baik pegi mati. Hehe.


CONVO is just around the corner. This coming Monday to be exact. Actually i miss Skudai alot lately. Damn 'song' uni life. MOU YAO MOU LUI. SYIOK! So can't wait to go down south. Erm, should be dun have anybody not from UTM wan come down see me graduate rite? It's ok. We frens is say heart wan ma. Physical not important. =)

Can't wait to see all the kawan lama there. I know for sure all sure say working sien wan. Who say not sien next day i wan apply go in his company d..hehe.

Oh, elaine's boss let her go d. GTG now. Take care.


not sien.. =P

WickyWock said...
2:36 AM  

confirm anot wan? then i wan go ur company d la. syiok!

e-quan said...
12:18 AM  

hi wan, i just found yr blog by accidentally. he he he. i'll convo on tis' Tuesday (utm skudai). well, i miss the campus life a lot!!! adios!!

Lil' Red Box said...
5:36 PM  

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