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Alo macha..apa macam? Nampak bagus-bagus semua.

Wah..i sudah lama tak nyanyi dah. That time thought wan record 我想要说(i want to say) by 蔡旻佑 share with u all wan(<--beh hiao ba) BUTHEN hor..the song is damn paria. The range too big liao. If sing normal then the high part i can't sing. When i wan tune the song lower key so i can sing..then it becomes too low pula..PARIA. So terpaksa give up la.

Then 1 time i was driving, the radio put this song 是你决定我的伤心(you determine my sadness) by 张玉华 & 李圣杰. i listen d feel.."oi..mah eh..this wan not a classic cantonese duet meh? y become like this liao?" After that go home research ler. The canto version is called 从不喜欢孤单一个(don't like to be alone) by 彭嘉丽 & 苏永康. Such a CLASSIC song..lam sei. Then research somore found out that the 1st version should be mandarin wan ler..是你决定我的伤心 by 林隆璇(the composer/male voice..then din give credit to the female voice..dunno who sing wan). Guess the cantonese version was more popurar..haha. These 2 days i keep listen to these 3 versions(2 mando n 1 canto) then really DAMN LIKE ler. So hor..i recorded my own version ler. Coz i dun have a duet partner so nvm la..the partner part i sing oso(ngek ngek). Then its BERRY SPECIAL wan. It's cantonese vs mandarin version(ownself edit k). BERRY KENG wan. If u wan/dare to listen..then click "play" la. Enjoy.


从不喜欢孤单一个 vs 是你决定我的伤心

(canto)想讲不要走 偏偏好胜说我那在乎
面对世界我洒脱 一点不似太辛苦
但在漫漫长夜里 摘下面具便重因你再心碎
(mando)我必须承认 不敢释放我的真情
所以我相信 也会是你的问题
太多太多的激情 闯进尘封已久的禁地

(canto)我不懂得跟我 独自对坐
原来没有你 做人相当痛楚

分开方知清楚 我永不懂去再爱另一个

(canto)你有否想起我 若是再遇
求让我悔过 可不可再恋过


i think you have miss a part.
the male part after the female,
i mean the verse..

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