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Five Years

With this in the past five years, more and more pictures piles. Sometimes, I wonder if one day I suddenly did bad on the hard disk, I will quietly whether those memories. always deleted without a trace?

This five years, there are happy, some were not happy. The plant is also cool; More betrayal, "the kept." Somehow, and every time look at the pictures before they would give me the impression that Franz photographs and objects of imitation are alive and are changing every day. But I am very clear that the changes are not photographs, but my own! Along with the increase of age, the idea of material things, the day is rapidly changing.

Seeing those pictures, I will feel that I have missed a lot of things, but also a lot of wrong decisions. To the left, just piles of regret. But every time I think that, if not the original decision, I have now? So the end of the day, whether or not I do not understand sorry sorry. So now I treasure life in a lot of effort in every thing will be more careful in making a choice. Perhaps I was growing up and learning to do.

I very much wish to find words to sum up the experience of the last five years. But good hard! I really useless speaking too long, could not name the mind. But it is full of heart, and they also do not want to give up.

Grow up really frustrating. Change a lot of things, many things have been missed, piles of regret has not supplemented back. The only thing it can do only a new understanding of themselves, waiting for me to face things with the material. Time has walked on, leaving them to think there are too many things that can no longer as in the past, Then I will remember the loud! Good helpless! !

p/s : A "plagiarised" copy of "my" composition can be found in chinese at lowkei's blog. Copy cat sungguh..hehe. But nice work la k.

p/p/s : Thanks google.


it's really a waste that I deleted the post! It's interesting to look back at what I've written that time..

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