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CNY 2007

-Niamah! Damn pissed.
-My house autogate one side spoilt..suspect it's the motor-run capacitor kaput. Went RS order a capacitor..change ownself(engineer ma..hehe). Then there write "Payment on Delivery for Klang Valley" ma order lor.
-Next day the girl call..say my place - Klang not eligible for the POD wan..must pay 1st. The last time i checked..Klang was in Klang Valley(KL + Selangor) but nvm. So i ask her can go their office(in S.Alam) to collect bor. She say "Can."
-The next day i ma go the place lor..the girl there(another girl) say "No stock." @#$%^&*!
-Now i have to wait till after CNY b4 they deliver my capacitor..mahai.

Verdict : No matter u have how cekap online facility, if ur personnels r not entirety ma not cekap.


But don't mind bout paria stuff. Come recommend u all 1 mtv sempena with CNY. Kennysia damn tak suka they all but i feel ok ma..quite cute n they sing cekap too.

Si Qian Jin vs M-Girls. Listen to their high pitch on every first beats..cute!

Then this one is Xiaxue recommend on her site wan(takde kaitan with CNY)..laugh like shit when i first heard it. Then now listen again laugh like shit again..damn shit. Just in case u all haven't watched it.

No Pok! I call the police i tell u.


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