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As promised..the cameron post. If u still remember..i went to cameron highlands last december. This time went with family n relatives..altogether 14 ppl! Dad booked a bungalow(belongs to the company he's working for) to accommodate all of us. Cos this bungalow is so damn the BIG n so historical(built 1920 something), i've decided to dedicate one entire post to this house.

This bungalow's too big edi..then it's very western style wan. All the rooms seem to inter-connect with each another. THE MOST IMPORTANT's damn SPOOKY man. Very suitable to shoot a horror film here. So with my creative writing(ahem) and sempena dengan 06.06.06, i shall present to u 19 photos of the above mentioned house. As u can c..i've toned the photos so they appear to be "spooky". U can mouseover(means put the cursor over the photo w/o clicking anything) to view the photos in their original colours. And for the captions, they're in the form of [A/B] where [A=narrative of a horror movie] n [B=the real intended caption]. Enjoy..

It is said that this mansion.. / Damn gaya rite?

is cursed. / Got garage can?

30 years ago.. / Dun cha wish ur front lawn was like this?

lived the Nakamura family of six. / The main entrance.

One day, the father got mad as he returned home.. / The main living hall, got fireplace can?

and went on a killing frenzy. / The common room.

First he stabbed his own father in the chest in the dining room. / Erm..same as left.

Then he went for his mother in the kitchen. / Oh well..same as left.

Nakamura has lost his mind. / Forgot mention the ground floor toilet =).

He proceeded upstairs. / Come..we go upstairs see the rooms.

Who should he kill now? His wife? His children? / On top living room with foldable sofa-bed.

"Darling, are you home?", said Nakamura's long-haired beautiful wife. / One of the balconies.

One stab on the back and his wife lay lifeless on the bed. / Master room. The bed abit kuachiong.

Nakamura cleansed himself in the toilet, he didn't want to scare the children. / Master room toilet with bath tub.

"Dad dad, you're home!", exclaimed his excited daughter. / There's this HUGE room which hosts two beds.

He strangled his daughter to death. / This is the other bed i was tokking about.

" have you done to Si..Sis..", Nakamura's youngest son was terrified. / Then there's this sub-room(feels like a cottage) which is joint with the HUGE room.

"NOOooo!!", as his son breathed his last breath. Nakamura proceeded to hang himself. / Another toilet.

FINALLY..last photo liao..remember mouseover oh!

The police never found the wife's body. / "SYIOK"!!

It is believed that Mrs Nakamura's spirit continues to haunt this house to this day. So if you want to stay in this particular bungalow for your holiday getaway..


The end (Applause).

p/s : Wat u think about my story ler? How bout the photos? I can't help but feel that i'm so creative..paiseh. Plz leave a comment. Thx.


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